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ONLINE CATALOGS Most of the manufacturers and distributors spend lots of money and effort every year to develop paper and electronic version of their product catalogs. Besides, high cost of publishing a catalog, the accuracy of catalog is a major issue as prices and availability change periodically. In addition, a large number of customer calls to the sales and customer service departments are from customers seeking information about new products, verifying prices and availability. Our easy to navigate and well organized e-commerce sites are sure to impress your customers. Customers will have access to the latest product information anytime, allowing companies to serve their customers better, yet at the fraction of the cost of printed catalogs. We do understand that many companies may be reluctant to the idea of exposing their catalog on the open web as it could be used by its competitors and window shoppers. We can address concern of these customers by offering password protected customer access only catalogs. This ensures only authorized user access the information online. In addition, we allow companies to offer private catalog to their customer using customer based and location based pricing in multiple currencies. We've got several ways to help you set up your store, no matter your budget. Key features include: Catalog Management Control access to manage product catalog Manage products and categories List product features and specifications Set product options Manage multiple product photos Customized catalogs Easy navigation Customer based pricing Location based pricing Multiple currency Support Unlimited product options Related products Other features Dealer locator Like it/Share on Facebook Customer reviews Product comparison Favorite product list email
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