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CASE STUDY No. 4 IKEsys – ERP Application Customer: LEADS Pharma PVT  Industry: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Business Situation Leads Pharma Ltd is one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical manufacturers in Pakistan. In addition to a regular product line of over the counter (OTC) and prescription medicines, the company does contract manufacturing for different pharmaceutical firms. Leads Pharma products are distributed throughout the country via a network of 190 distributors. Being an ISO-9001 pharmaceutical, Leads Pharma has to maintain and document quality managements system to fulfill ISO standard requirements. Leads Pharma was seeking ways to streamline their business processes to reduce work duration and cut costs. They needed an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution to run their business more efficiently. The challenge was to find a reasonably priced ERP solution that met their exact needs. It was critical that the solution work around their exact requirements instead of them adapting to a generic solution. IKESON Solution IKESON developed and successfully implemented a complete and easy to use ERP solution. Although the solution is suited for any manufacturing and trading enterprise, it was customized to meet specialized needs of Leads Pharma. IKESON’s solution allowed Leads Pharma to streamline their business operations while driving down costs. Several essential business processes modules such as financials, store management, Inventory management, sales, purchase, forecast; planning, manufacturing and human resources were successfully implemented. IKESON’s ERP solution brought Lead Pharma a significant return on their investment within a very short period. The company was able to save a lot by reducing inventory requirements from 45 days to less than 15 days. Sales and customer satisfaction levels increased simultaneously. Below are some of the major benefits of IKEsys ERP solution Efficient management of flow of materials Effective utilization of resources (human & machine) Better coordination of internal activities Improved communication with customers and vendors Significant cost saving by reducing inventory from 45 days to 14 days Facilitation of production planning Reduced operating cost Improved inventory control Coordinated purchasing Here are few other examples E-Commerce solution for manufacturers - Case Study 1: Natura World Inc Online Catalog solution for distributor - Case Study 2: Medical Imaging Clnics of Ontario Inc. Social Network – Custom Development - Case Study 3: Baerix Media Group Websites & Blogs - Case Study 5: Various small and medium size businesses
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