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CASE STUDY No. 3 Social Network Development Customer: Baerix Media Group  Industry: Internet - Social Network Business Situation Social networks allow users to communicate with other users with similar interest. Baerix Media Group wanted to develop a unique website called WEORC for connecting temporary workers with the employers. Although the idea behind the WEORC is to connect employers and workers, WEORC is not supposed to work like a normal employment website. Rather than simply posting a resume, workers can create a profile and get recommendation from previous employers and co-workers in WEORC. Receiving quality recommendations and the quality of WEORC profile pushes workers to the top of the search results. This approach allows employers to directly find the right temporary workers rather than contacting a temp agency. Employer can do pro-active searches to select the right candidate quickly and efficiently, and at no cost. WEORC provides all services offered by traditional full service temporary agencies, with the exception that it is faster, easier – and of course, free. IKESON Solution IKESON transformed an entrepreneur idea into a reality by developing the WEORC network. It connects job seekers and job providers using the WEORC platform. The website offers a lot of valuable features such as friend’s networks, job notifications, previous employer and co-worker recommendations, newsfeed, photo sharing, ranking, etc. Users are able to create their profile and indicate temporary employment areas of interest. They can get recommendation from the friends, co-workers and past employers. Premium memberships are a source of revenue for Baerix Media Group. Online credit card payments in multiple currencies are accepted. The network currently has tens of thousands of members and it is one of the most popular social networks used to find temporary workers. Below are some of the salient features of WEORC network User profile management Advanced privacy setting Recommendation system to get recommendations from the past employers and co-workers Extensive candidate search functionality Compatibility matching algorithms Notification system for job notification and internal communication Site content management for site administration Photo and album sharing and commenting Status sharing and broadcast Newsfeed functionality Friends network Here are few other examples E-Commerce solution for manufacturers - Case Study 1: Natura World Inc Online Catalog solution for distributor - Case Study 2: Medical Imaging Clnics of Ontario Inc. IKEsys – ERP Application - Case Study 4: LEADS Pharma Websites & Blogs - Case Study 5: Various small and medium size businesses
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